Sunday, May 07, 2006


Just a quick word (7 minutes left).

Here I am in Athens, Greece. It's an amazingly beautiful capital, what with monuments dotting the downtown area, and huge with a population of 5 million! My friend Heather and I have spent the last two days walking our little hearts out, and we are taking an over night ferry to Crete tonight.

We managed to books all of our ferries ahead of time! We even got a (seemingly) good deal on sleeping accomodations on some islands. Too good to be true? Probably. But right now we're pretty darn happy with our situation!

So far the trip has been lovely. Hopefully it'll warm up a little (it was 15 degrees here in Athens, and word at the hostel is that the islands are very windy).
I'll see how often I can update this; otherwise I've been trying to keep a little travel journal up to date.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have fun! Sounds like a wonderful trip so far - any problem with the language???
Looking forward to your updates.

9:44 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought it'd be warmer over there!
Have a great time!

1:41 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoy, enjoy.....

Tres sympathique d'avoir quelques impressions de ton debut de voyage.

Stay safe!!!



1:01 p.m.  
Blogger Jessica said...

I think that it is worht to visit Athens! Even if the weather is not so good there are a lot of interesting places to visit: Acropolis, Parthenon, the National Museum and many others! I haven't managed to see all the historical places of Athens. And I plan to go there again. We were recommended to stay next time at Grande Bretagne. Our friends told us about this beautiful hotel. I hope we will not regret!

10:23 a.m.  

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