Saturday, April 15, 2006


Well, it's finals season! This is the first year that all my finals are concentrated at the very end of the exam period rather than at the very beginning. Which has left me a certain amount of time to study. Weird. Up to now I've been in this strange, peaceful state, but I'm sure that by next week I will be flipping out, as usual.
Because it's finals season, this means that the McGill libraries as choc-full of nervous, mumbling, sweaty students. It always amazes me how the libraries are so empty all year, but come April, well hey! McGill has students! It's a miracle!

Because I can't stand to stress, and the noise, in McGill libraries during finals, I've branched out. These past three days I've studied:
-At McGill's other campus, MacDonald, about a half an hour away from the main campus. It's lovely; all green fields, and quaint brick buildings... The buildings are furnished with throw-back furniture from the 60s, and the halls are painted in bright, primary colours. People all seem friendlier, and actually speak to each other on campus! My friend remarked that it was like high school, minus all the hormonal imbalance. Another plus is that most students at McGill aren't even aware that this campus exists.
-At Montreal's new public library. Oh, wow. That library is love! I've always been a library nut, but walking into this one, I felt like I was dreaming. Beaver wrote a fantastic post on this, so I won't even try describing it.
-At my friend's house, in Montreal's suburb Town of Mount-Royal. This one, by far, was weirdest to me. He lives at home, and his house has actual stairs in it, with carpet. He doesn't have to worry about bothering his upstairs neighbor (just his family, haha). And he has a backyard! Who knew!! To be honest, I felt like an intruder, studying in that house. It's been so long since I've seen a real suburb (Madagascar doesn't count), it's almost like I forgot that they existed.

Anyway. Since today is Saturday (and Easter Saturday at that... Happy Easter!) I'm hoping the libraries will be a bit more bearable at McGill today. Have a lovely weekend!


Blogger Beaver said...

Hey thanks for the plug ! I'm glad you enjoyed the library. It's one of my fave places in MTL :o)

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