Friday, July 01, 2005

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!
I had plans to drive down to the States with some friends and go to the beach in Vermont, but they seem to have fallen through. I notice now that it would be terribly ironic to LEAVE Canada for Canada Day, hehe. I'm still a bit dissapointed... I haven't been to the States since I left last August. I suppose I'm going to try and drop by as many jazz concerts as possible today then (I can make four, I've calculated).
Man, Andrej totally kicked my ass in the lab yesterday. He's started screening his plants (which is what I do all day, every day), but instead of screening roughly 30 plants a day like I do, he was screening 130. That is insane. When I walked in the lab, he was surrounded by racks and racks of teeny seeds, and I thought I'd walked straight into one of my nightmares. Guh. He jokingly challenged me to a seed staining race, but by the time I left the lab, he was still surrounded by racks-full of seeds and he had this price-less look on his face. "My god... How do you manage to do this every day?!!" It's all in the pacing. Ha!
Beata leaves today, so I spend the day with her yesterday. I really hope that I get to visit her in Poland-- we'd have such a good time! We went shopping for her random Polish relatives, whom neither of us knew. Beata's like that: we'll go grocery shopping and still manage to have a great time. We'll call each other every few days and not even say hello, just start the conversation with: "Do you know where I could purchase a grass skirt?" (me), or "How do you make that quiche of yours again?" (her). Her boyfriend, Scott, left for Poland for an entire semester yesterday. She's been working and bought herself a ticket so that they can still be together this summer, but next semester is going to tough! She made me promise to keep her distracted.
Anyway, I'd better get ready for swing dancing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muah! I found you!
Distraction is always necessary.
I swear, we'll fouf-it one day.

1:16 p.m.  
Blogger Victoria said...

Haha, yeah right! As far as I'm concerned, Foufounes is cursed.

3:16 p.m.  

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