Tuesday, June 28, 2005


It is so hot here right now. It's the kind of sticky heat that makes you want to stand under a cold shower all day and makes it impossible to concentrate on anything.
The lab, of course, is not air conditioned, so Professor Western allowed us not to wear our lab coats today. The temperatures reaches upwards to 30 degrees, despite our sorry attempts to lower the blinds against the mid-day sun. Most of us stay quiet now, and dart out of the lab whenever possible to head down to the Phytotron, or the office, which has a fan. The guys definetly have it worse than the girls do though-- shorts aren't allowed for fear of chemical spills, and close-toed shoes are mandatory. Nobody said anything about skirts however, so you can be sure that every girl at Steward will be wearing one to try and cool off. It was a strange lab day. We have meetings at 9:30 every tuesday, and this time a doctorate student on exchange, Minako, explained to us what she does. Then Rebecca did her presentation: she basically does what I do, but has to write a paper about it, and will get school credit for her work. It was an excellent presentation! She explained everything so much better than I could have, and when Professor Western grilled her, she answered every question perfectly. I'm so impressed, now I really want to try my hand an indepent studies as well (perhaps next summer?).
This was Rebecca's last day, which was really weird. I saw her come in, find her way around the lab, and now she's going... She says she'll definetly come back in late August though. I'm glad I'm leaving soon too, I don't want to start feeling like an old barnacle stuck to the lab...
On a completly unrelated note, Lopa and I noticed that girls in Montreal are insane. Honestly, it's too trendy here! I wore shorts for the first time yesterday and felt terribly self conscious, until it hit me: nobody wears shorts in Montreal. They all wear skirts, all day, every day. Who does that? Why can't people here look like slobs every once in a while? And I'm leaving to France, so I expect the situation isn't going to get better!
Anyway. Mom and Dad seem to have disapeared. Did you guys get my email? Are you still alive? I'd really like to try and plan the rest of my summer.


Blogger Kate said...

ahhh, you get to go france!!!! i'm so jealous!!!! i dream of going to france. you are soooo lucky!!!!

10:45 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


As-tu recu ma reponse a tes e.mails?



4:14 p.m.  
Blogger Beaver said...

You are so right! Ever since I've been back I feel like I should totally relook my wardrobe, loose weight, wear makeup and skirts. (So NOT me !)

I'm not sure what happened, but I think it was ok to be a slob before I left in september :S

5:53 a.m.  

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