Monday, December 25, 2006

Missing Montreal

A friend of a friend just asked me where a good place to spend New Year's in Montreal would be. Here was my answer:

-Gogo lounge on St. Laurent and Prince-Arthur(ish) is a very trendy lounge. It's got a 21-age limit, so I've never actually been inside (Why the age limit? I couldn't tell you...), but it seems like a very good time, and something a bit different for New Year's.

-Pistol, on St. Laurent and Roy(ish) is another trendy bar. It's James Bond themed, so naturally one of my favorites. It's also quite flashy.

-St Sulpice, on St Denis below Sherbrooke, is a McGill student classic hangout. It's got an amazing terrace, but it's (hopefully) far too cold to be in use. Three floors of fun!

Most places in that area-- between Roy and Sherbrooke, on St. Laurent, are going to be pretty fun and rowdy, I bet. If you're looking for a quieter, older crowd, with a smokey bar and good beer atmosphere (minus the smoke, thanks the Montreal's smoking ban), I suggest heading uptown, to Mile End (where I live!)

-Bily Kun is a bar beloved by Montreal's hipsters. It's on Mont-Royal, between St. Denis and St. Laurent.
It's a good time-- good beer and good atmosphere (ostrich heads mounted on the walls of a narrow, intimate space). It's always full though, but I guess on Dec. 31st everywhere is going to be full.

-Dieu du Ciel, on Clarke and Laurier, has been my Favorite Bar from the moment I discovered it two years ago.
It's a micro-brewery, which is to say that they brew their own delicious beer. They also have killer nachos and great cider. It's got nice copper-topped tables, awesome music (but never too loud), and dimmed lights for your convenience. It used to be very smokey, and I still imagine it as so, but once again the non-smoking ban changed that. A word of caution-- this place is always, always full, so unless you plan on being lucky, I suggest you show up early.

-Casa del Popolo is another hipster joint. It's a great place for concerts, and perhaps they'll have something special going on for New Years. I haven't been keeping up to date.
It's on St. Laurent near Villeneuve. those are a few of my favorite bars. They're quite low-key; if you're interested in places you can dance, there are lots of clubs on St. Laurent (Cafe Campus, Saphir, etc.), or even the Green Room, on St. Laurent and St. Viateur, is a nice mix between dance floor and bar.

Personally? I would chose to spend New Years at Foufounes ( a punkish dance club. You're basically guaranteed a good mosh and a good time. It's been a while since I really let loose!

Happy New Year!


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