Wednesday, October 18, 2006

You will blog about this

The title of this post refers to this shirt.

Hahaha, so appearantly my computer had a virus which corrupted 4,088 files.

I honestly just burst out laughing. The technician gave me a sheepish grin and mentioned it was one of the more infected computers he'd seen. In any case, it's clean now, and all of my crucial documents (i.e. my pictures and music) are A-OK. I also always keep my resume and cover letters backed up on a USB key, thank goodness.

However, now my computer has a new problem. The battery, which was fine when I handed in the computer on Thrusday, is now kaput. It's been "charging" for hours now, but remains at a dismal 0%. I have no way of proving that it was fine before I left it at the shop but... it... was. So yeah. I hope they will believe me, and that all of this will get worked out. Somehow I doubt that though.

On a completly unrelated note, I was speaking to my buddy Carlo the other day...
Carlo: You know, I knew you in first year. We were in the same BIOL 200 conference.
Me: Where we really? I don't remember that...
Carlo: Yep. Only I didn't speak to you because I didn't like you very much. You were just so stressed out!

Haha! I'm a bit embarassed that he remembers me from back then actually; I was fresh off of the high school boat and generally flipping out about University. I had no idea how much work was required of me, and naturally went way over board.

It's funny to think how much I've mellowed out over the two and a half years I've been at McGill. Now I'm getting ready for graduation (gotta take those pictures), and don't recognize any of the freshmen on campus. Ah la la, c'est la vie...

Monday, October 16, 2006


In case you haven't noticed, I am currently suffering from a mean case of senioritis.

I have been working for a long time now, and to be honest, I don't feel like doing much of anything at the moment. I recently had a crunch time consisting of medical school applications, research proposals, work, and school, all at the same time. Now things have settled down a bit; I finished my project and no longer have the lab job (!!), applications are done (for the moment), school is, well, school. I'm finding that now I've undergone the horror that was the MCATs, I just can't bring myself to stress out about school that much anymore... Which isn't implying that I've stopped studying; rather, I know understand how McGill works, and just how much input is required for the output I want.

Speaking of the MCATs, I received my scores on Friday, and they were quite good! Far better than I expected, especially considering how I felt about the test day. And good enough to get me where I need to go (hopefully)!

Having quit my job, I'm not finding myself with alot more time on my hands than I'm accustomed to. I joined the swing troupe, naturally (acrobatics and choreography? I'm so there!). But does anyone have any suggestions of a hobby I could take up?

Oh and I brought my computer in the shop about a window that keeps popping up and was told that it was "heavilly infested", whatever that means. So I've been computer-less since Thrusday, which has been perfect timming considering the slew of essays and applications I have due this week.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

So much turkey, oof.

It's been a fantastic three-day weekend. I love classless-yet-delicious student feasts.