Wednesday, August 16, 2006


With the MCATs three days away, it's hard to tell if I'm working hard...

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...or hardly working!

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Emily gave me candy for my birthday, and I've been munching on them all day. Speaking of which, the birthday was splendid, but that's a post that is going to have to wait until next week.

I actually wanted to share a few tried-and-true recipes today. If exams have taught me anything, it's that eating properly is possibly the most important thing to keep up if you're feeling stressed out. Anytime I give up on cooking and rely on ramen noodles, I know the situation's bad! So here are some quick and easy exam recipes that I've been using recently...

This one's very easy. All you need is: chicken breast, a tomato, red or orange peppers, onions, mushrooms, salsa, sour cream, lime juice, and whatever else you feel like tossing in.
Slice and dice all of the ingredients (except for the salsa, sour cream, and cheese, which are added as condiments), fry them in a pan with a bit of oil, and wrap everthing in a burrito. Be warned: don't try and wrap them in pita bread, like we did. The results in one messy ...fistful... of food! But oh so yummy.

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Another easy summer classic: combine one cup of tomato juice, a tomato, half a cucumber, onions, half a clove of garlic, half a green pepper, celery, (and any other vegetable lying around really), a tablespoon of red wine vinegar, a tablespoon of lemon juice, and finally dried estragon and basil. Combine everything together in a blender and purify!
Serve cold with crumbled crackes, diced cucumbers and tomatoes. Mmm.

Zucchini Bread
Ok, I'll admit I stole this recipe from But it really is amazing-- moist and sweet and really easy to make.

Happy cooking!


Blogger 007 in Africa said...

You're hands look exactly like William's. It's really eerie. You realize you're going to have to cook for me when you come to DC don't you?

6:29 p.m.  
Blogger Victoria said...

...Those aren't my hands, they're my friend Jia Jia's. Who is tiny and chinese. So now I'm a bit concerned that their hands look alike ;)
I dunno... there was no sisterly cooking going on in Montreal :o

6:53 p.m.  

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