Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fireworks (part deux)

All summer long, we've been treated to amazing firework displays every Saturday and Wednesdays. They're launched as part of the International Fireworks Festivals, which is basically a festival where teams representing different countries strut their stuff by creating a fireworks displays that are meant to match a certain piece of music.
Last night was the last set of fireworks, so my lab partners and I decided to hit the town. Let me tell you: watching firworks with a migraine is not cool. But it was definetly worth it--thousands of people showed up for this display, and several streets were closed to accomodate the crowd.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love Montreal. The city seems to be in a constant state of celebration.

Next we walked through the Gay Village, where I naturally went picture-happy...

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Le Drugstore. Only in Quebec!

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So many rainbows! The entire Village is in preperation for the Outgames, not to mention the Divers-Cite festival that is also coming up soon.

And, of course, la Caleche du Sexe:

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You can't spit in Montreal without hitting a strip club of sorts, but I have to say this is the one with the most ridiculous name I've seen.

We then settled on a nice terrase for a few beers.

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Dana tells the best stories I've ever heard.

My lab partners are really great. I really managed to luck out on this one; they happen to be some of the finest people I've met at McGill yet, and I have the pleasure of working with them everyday. The fireworks outing tonight was to celebrate the fact that I'd finished my mock MCAT--whew!, and they've promised to take me out after the real MCATs too.


Blogger Beaver said...

I'm sooo jealous. I miss Montreal.

Here we get sunsets. And Mae Goreng. And Nasi Goreng. And the Market. And the Chinese restaurant. And the Padang Restaurant. And the beach walks. And it starts again.

Staying here must drive people crazy.

Cheers pretty eyes !

11:51 p.m.  

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