Thursday, March 23, 2006

Summer plans

Utter chaos; that's what my life is like at the moment. I think I'm conditioning my body to survive on copious amounts of coffee and very little sleep. Is good.

My summer is finally getting organized. Ha! My friend Heather and I decided, in a very spur-of-the-moment kind of way, to travel across the Balkans. More specifically: Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. In a month. That's right baby! We're going to be back-packing to the extreme.
Have any of us ever been to any of these countries? No.
Do we speak the language? No.
Do we know what to expect? Not a clue.
Are we excited? Heck yes we are!

We're going to be buying travel books this afternoon and sketch out an itenerary... not to mention read up a little on these places we've decided to visit.
After that, I'll return to my job in Montreal, and preparing to take my MCATs, the exam that may or may not allow me to go to medical school. My stomach tightens omminously at the mere thought of it.
As opposed to last year, this year alot fo my friends are staying in Montreal. I'm super excited; already we've made plans of BBQs on the roof, fireworks, jazz festival...

If this wasn't enough, I'm also thinking about planning a few road trips back to D.C. I haven't been "home" since I moved to Montreal, really, and I'm aching to go back. Even better, maybe I can go with my friends Sam or Nick (people from D.C. that I met in Montreal!) or show my city off to some of my quebecer friends.


Blogger Beaver said...

I'm sooooooo jealous! This all sounds wonderful. Make sure to share all this here... I'll be living it vicariously !

(By the way, I plan on being in MTL the first 2 weeks of June, let's hook up for coffee if you're not busy eating mold in Cracosia, ok?)

Glad to see you back!


5:28 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on the decision! Sounds like you'll have lots of fun :)

1:03 a.m.  

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