Saturday, November 19, 2005

A most enjoyable evening

I'm slowly trying to enter finals mode. I spend at least five hours at the library a day, but it really doesn't feel as though I'm getting any work done. It's slightly distressing.
I've also started to drop my regular activities (yes, yes, I know that this is bad). I haven't been to the gym in over a week (mostly due to the fact that my work out buddy has broken her finger-- useless, I tell you!), and it's been been three since I went swing dancing! So far, I've had four worried phone calls as to why I'm not there/will I come dancing?
But hopefully, that should get remedied very soon as I've gotten some excellent news! My swing partner from last year has come to visit from Alaska! Ee!

Last night, I skipped swing dancing to study with some friends. Okay, so what if very little actual studying was accomplished!
We all met up at my friend's place for dinner. This is my 24-year-old-professional-dancer-turned-biology-major-and-english-minor-(due to injury)-with-a-hand-in-all-of-McGill's-plays friend. She's also vegetarian, like a VERY disproportionate amount of my friends, so every time she mentions potlucks I squirm a little, because the only thing I can cook well is meat.
Her apartment is just two blocks away from mine and is lovely. It feels like one of those artsy/classy apartments seen in movies that take place in New York, but that you know are too nice to really exist.

She'd ended up making soup and squash ravioli (two words: wonton wrappers. They're the perfect size for making ravioli!), which was delicious. Another friend brought chocolate fondue, with lots of fruits, and I brought wine, cheese and baguette (being french, haha).
It was so good, and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
It's nice to just relax for an evening.
These people are in all of my classes, and yet they're so much less stressed out than some of my other classmates. I wonder if being stressed out actually makes you work better?

Also, I have some excellent news! A teacher has agreed to hire me for next year AND next summer! I'll be working on his lab, which works on protein and mRNA maturation in mammalian eggs. This is fascinating work (to me, anyways), and if my results are interesting enough, I might end up a co-author! Next week, I should be going back to learn how to do Western Blots (they allow us to see which proteins are present at what time).
The lab itself is about 35 minutes from where I live, in a hospital. It's actually amazingly complicated to actually find said lab (I will take pictures to prove my point).
The downside of the job is that I will have to kill all of the mice that I will end up using in my experiments. Prof. Clarke says that it's hardest at first, but that eventually you get used to it. Which isn't necessarily a good thing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not even going to dignify your comments about me with a response, you shoe/ID/gym clothes-forgetting-and- that's-why-you-haven't-worked-out-in-a- week-fiend! My finger is only responsible for missing thursday's work-out, I'll be there tuesday anyway, and my finger be damned...

3:47 p.m.  
Blogger Ammo said...

Cogratulations on the job!! Though it's pretty awful you're going to have to kill mice. I guess that's the price of progress. You kill them humanely though, right?

If you have any chocolate fondue left, feel free to send it to me :)

5:21 p.m.  
Blogger Victoria said...

Well, before the lab used to break their necks (which is the most humane way to do it-- they're dead before they can feel the pain), but so many people were unable to go through with it that now they gas them. They just introduce too much carbon dioxide in their cages, and they go in their sleep.
I don't know how I feel about that... however more greusome it may be, I think I may have preferred breaking their necks...

9:29 p.m.  
Blogger Ammo said...

That's weird, I'd much prefer the new method! But then I guess gassing has really bad connotations...

10:06 a.m.  

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