Wednesday, May 11, 2005

3 1/2 years of bad luck

Surprise! I now have blue hair (It's all Beata's fault, I tell you). Sadly, as I lost my digital camera in Madagascar (I blame the deliriousness), I haven't been able to take a picture of it just yet. But I shall soon, if only for the horrified comments that Maman and Daddy will make. Actually, it doesn't look half bad, and as an added bonus, it's supposed to fade quite quickly. I still have half a bottle of hair dye left, so I'll probably re-dye it just before I go to France so I can disgust my French family a little further.
At the moment, it's moving season in Montreal: amazing weather, stacks of rubbish (ah, but it is another man's treasure), blooming tulips and green lawn, students hanging out in their balconies... it's quite lovely, and it's on perfect days like today that I wish I wasn't stuck in a lab until 4 P.M.
So the other day, Charlotte and I were walking down street in the ghetto, when we come across a large, broken mirror. For years, I'd been thinking about making a fresque out of pieces of broken mirror all over one of my walls, but had never really had the incentive to do so. Now was the perfect opportunity! So I convince Charlotte to carry the mirror to a sketchy alley-way, and we just grin to each other as we hold on to an edge of the mirror. 1,2,3, and it comes crashing to the ground, burting into a million pieces. Three students that had been walking by give us an incongruous look before shrugging and walking on (really, what isn't an usual sight in Montreal?), and Charlotte and I burst out laughing. I guess next time we'll know that glass breaks easily! I hope it will look good; I guess we'll find out once I paste the pieces on my wall... I guess this means that we both have 3 1/2 years of bad luck?
As a nerdy note, the other day, I got to use liquid nitrogen in my lab. SO COOL! I felt like a villain in one of the James Bond movies, it was glorious.
And finally, happy birthday Mom!

Here's a picture of my blue hair (it didn't turn up well, but I assure you that it looks spiffy):
Image hosted by
The munchkin in the back would be Beata, hehe. She was making a face; she doesn't always look that scary.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah.. ah... ah.... j'espere que le bleu de tes magnifiques cheveux sera un peu passe lors de ton arrivee en France?



4:36 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Blue hair? Kids will be kids, and you will grow out of it. Now, how about a nice tattoo?



4:41 a.m.  

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