Monday, March 14, 2005


I just realised that this week, I will go dancing four times, and that I will spend over fourteen hours doing laboratory work (sometimes a combination of both). This is crazy!


Blogger 007 in Africa said...

Oh god...How's that going anyhow? Are you managing to put in your 15 hours and do school work at the same time?

11:02 a.m.  
Blogger Victoria said...

Well, I don't do 15 hours of work for the professor!
I have a 4 hour chemistry lab every week (that finishes next week, yay!), and then I do the additional 10 hours over the period of two days. This is my first week! I'm excited, eeh!
I have NO idea how I'm going to keep this up during exams though. Prof Western seems to be understanding enough...

12:07 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay!! Anonymous posts are now possible!! That means I can flood Vicky's blog with irritating comments! I'm so giddy with joy :)
I'm sure Prof. Western is corrupt and decadent. You should only listen to Prof. Eastern.

12:23 a.m.  

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